Campuhan Ubud Ridge Walk

Campuhan or Tjampuhan in Balinese is mean the confluence of two rivers, this area called Campuhan, because of two river from Wos Tengen and Wos Kiwa meet becomes one. Balinese believe Campuhan is a source of holy water and sacred places, there built a temple named Gunung Lebah, which was established in the 8th century. Between that two river, in back side of Gunung Lebah temple there are spectacular ridge stretch of grassland over 3km long and beautiful forest across the river. End of the grassland, there Bangkiang sidem village, countryside atmosphere with beautiful Balinese compound house, rice field scenery with friendly farmer always happy to say hello, although they can not speak English. This trip is recommended to start early around 07.00 – 07.30, walking duration around 2 hours with some stop where our guide will explain you about the story, tradition and culture of Bali.


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